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Making Good People

Walden kids are different. They are curious, giving and good. At Walden, we make good people in the knowledge that from goodness arises greatness. We are dedicated to cultivating and preparing principled, compassionate and confident young people who will become globally responsible citizens.

Our balanced world class education, with a unique focus on wellness, fosters respect and harmony for self and with others; and, empowers students to imagine, explore and achieve a peaceful and sustainable future.


Walden International School - Oakville, was formerly known as Glenburnie School, a private school founded in 1985. When its founder retired in 2018, the school was purchased by the Perugini family who established the first Walden International School in Brampton in 2016.

The original building on the Oakville site was constructed as a family home by a Swedish gentleman who immigrated to Canada in search of an improved educational system for his son. The architecture of the present school reflects this heritage, providing a scale and warmth conducive to the Walden educational program.

Head of School


“Welcome to Walden. Our motto, Imagine Explore Achieve, speaks to the potential that we seek in our students. We inspire even the youngest students in our Early Years classroom to reach beyond what they know through inquiry and reflection. And, by embracing daily challenges they learn resilience and gain confidence, both hallmarks of success.

“What ultimately sets our standards at Walden is our team of dedicated faculty and staff who never cease to amaze me with their innovation, patience, and professionalism. They are educators who feel that every child is deserving of the very best, who are committed to delivering the very best, and who are not apologetic for demanding the very best.

“We look forward to your visit to Walden. We are eager to share with you our promise of a quality education.”


Daphne Perugini was a teacher and Vice-Principal with the Peel District School Board for nearly two decades. She has had experience leading a comprehensive network of educators in Gifted Learning, Alternative Education, and the International Baccalaureate. Like many in the field who have inspired her, Ms. Perugini believes that education needs to be transformed.

Watch the Walden Difference


Why Walden? What’s in a name? Inspired by Henry David Thoreau’s book Walden, our school is committed to fostering independent, self-reliant learners in a nature-centric environment. Our mandate is to model for our students the merits of subscribing to an unadorned approach to living while developing a worldly view in pursuit of academic excellence. As an international school with a globally-focused curriculum, we promise to deliver a rigorous, prestigious and necessary educational programme meeting the standards and demands of the world in which we live.


The goodness that happens in our classrooms is not possible without the wonderful work of our teachers. Behind the scenes, they come together daily to develop an engaging program that opens minds, fosters innovation and generates curiosity. We never know what each day will bring. What we do know is that we can rely on the commitment of our teachers to collaborate and model good working and learning for the students. It is this kind of environment that makes a good school great - dedicated professional teachers, inspired and curious students and enthusiastic parents working together to ensure that from goodness arises greatness.