At Walden, most of our students begin at the Pre-Kindergarten level, where they benefit from early enrichment, develop a love of learning and remain with the school through to graduation.

Walden also welcomes students entering at other levels. New students are made to feel welcome immediately, are partnered with current students upon arrival, and receive additional help or tutoring as needed, to help them adjust to the Walden approach.

Students may also be accepted mid-year, as placements become available.

We invite you to schedule a personal tour and share your specific educational goals for your student.

We’d be happy to provide you with a comprehensive information kit that will answer many of your questions about the enrolment process. Nothing, however, is better than coming to visit us so you can get a real feel for the goodness that exists within this community.

How to apply


Let us know that you are interested in finding out more about our school by calling us at 905-338-6236 or sending a note via our contact form.

Two-day class visit 

And, here’s something you won’t find at many other schools: We invite students to join our school for a two-day visit before you make your final decision. This is a great opportunity for everyone to get a real feel for what makes Walden a special place and how your student will feel about joining our community. 


Once your child has successfully completed the class visit and has been invited to apply by our Head of School, families can complete the paperless Admissions Application. Walden admits students on a rolling basis. Applications for the the coming school year are now available. 


After the school has received your confirmation of acceptance, you will be invited to complete the registration process as outlined in their confirmation of acceptance. The admissions team can be reached at 905-338-6236 or via our contact form to answer any questions regarding applications and technical support. 

Tuition and fees

We’re happy to share this information with you and invite you to call our admissions team on 905-338-6236 or or sending a note via our contact form.

Appleby College Grade 9 Early Admission Program

Walden students who meet certain criteria are eligible for this program. Ask our admissions team for more information.